Bad Music Thursday: Dilf's Vote for Worst Song Ever
When Dilf and I went on our honeymoon, it seemed all of Europe was agog over this song. The radio stations played it non-stop. We dubbed it "techno-Polka" and laughed about it.

At first.

Then, we grew uneasy. Why was it being played everywhere we went? Were there secret messages being transmitted into our brains? Were they trying to drive us insane? Get us to renounce our U.S. citizenship to help strengthen the Euro, then in its infancy? Why? The question torments us still to this day.

Then, when Dilf returned to work and his sadistic co-workers heard about it, they tortured the poor man with the song. Over and over and over...

And then Six Flags adopted it as its theme song. Dilf still curls into the fetal position whenever he hears the opening strains...
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