Go Ahead and Call Me Un-Patriotic: We Are the Dumbest Country in the World
Will Tits McGee never stop tormenting me with horrible stories?  Today it's this.  I cringe to think what it will be tomorrow.
First of all, Trista is an idiot.  We already knew that from the fact she appeared on "The Bachelor" to begin with, a concept that boggles my mind.  And it's still on the air!  I don't understand why liberals and conservatives alike never joined hands to denounce it.  Women as commodities, slavishly vying for the attention of what usually appears to be the equivalent of a Sears catalog underwear model?  The sanctity of love and marriage cheapened and coarsened into a commercial exchange?  What's not to hate?

Secondly, everything she says about her body is bullshit.  Three months to lose what she claims is "too much fat?"  The "mommy belly?"  She should just go to a plastic surgeon because that mommy pouch is never going away.  It's just not.  Trust me.  No matter how skinny she gets, and it sounds like she doesn't care how skinny she gets, that flap of skin will be there.

Am I advocating people get the "mommy job?"  Oh, Hell No!  But this bitch is crazy, and she's either going to submit to intense therapy to overcome her body issues, or hie herself to the plastic surgeon to feel "right" about herself.  Hmmm, which one is Trista more likely to choose?

Okay, we've established Trista is stupid and crazy.  But she's just one tiny, insignificant (and becoming more tiny and more insignificant) individual; how does that make America dumb?

Because.  We read and buy and buy into this crap.  We are obese yet yearn not to be healthy and active, but emaciated.  The magazine would not choose such a story unless it knew people would lap it up like Slim-Fast with a double cheeseburger chaser.  Do we believe that Trista is the norm?  Should be the norm?  Insane.  Do we believe that no one should eat nutritious food and exercise properly to stay healthy?  Also insane.  We take better care of our pets than ourselves. Can we not fathom the concept of "moderation?"

Instead, we should heed the advice of the Simpson's in their Halloween episode, "Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores":  Just don't look.

I could only find it in Russian or Polish or Lithuanian or whatever.  But it's good, I swear.

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