More Samples of my 18th Century-Styled Brooding
What is the point of eating? What pleasure can you get from it, knowing that it's just going to kill you? And is that what life has become, a series of actions aimed at avoiding cancer?

And I hate clothes, and fashion. It's all a bunch of stupid, meaningless crap.

Also, as I no longer procreate, why do I care if someone does or does not want to have sex with me? Do I care if I "look good" when I go to the grocery store? And if so, why? Do I care what the guy stocking shelves thinks of me? The lady ringing me up at the cash register?

And why is the grocery store my only outside destination, besides school, which is really my daughters' destination? Do I even care about this, because what's the point of going anywhere else?

It's all smoke and mirrors or lies, this life.

I await death.
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