Where Have I Been? In My Basement. Are You Happy Now?
I wish I could tell you I was doing something exciting, but I was working on the school yearbook.

There was more to it, including me getting more pissed off at an actual human being than I've been at anyone in a long time (politicians and celebrities and such aren't "real" to me, as I've never met them or looked them in the eye. They're like ground beef; sure, I'm vaguely aware they are animals, but they've been packaged in such a way it doesn't feel like I've actually killed anything.)

I'm trying to figure out exactly why this woman got under my skin so badly. I've got some mental processing to do. But it's why I fear returning to the workplace. I know the working world is rife with people JUST LIKE HER. Me, in the workforce:

Hint: I'm not the blonde.

Of course, I also got very angry at onion skins lately. I have onions on top of my fridge, because my hanging basket fell down, and some of the onion skins fell in my ice maker, and they also fall on my head. And they stick to my hands when I'm trying to cut them, while my eyes are stinging and I can't see, and they fall all over the kitchen floor. And then when you try to sweep them up with the broom, they're so light they float away in the air away from the broom.

In short, I hate onion skins.

And that woman who volunteered to "help" me with the yearbook, when what she really wanted to do is tell me how the yearbook used to be so much better before I started doing it, so how's about me doing it exactly like it used to be done, m'kay? And what she misses about the newsletter, too, since I've been doing it...

If she had a point, I wouldn't be pissed. But I went to the school library and looked at these paragons of school yearbookitutde (let alone knew far too well how crappy the newsletter used to be) and she's off her stupid bossy rocker. And, she didn't even do the shit she volunteered to do.

I just wish she didn't have my email and phone number.

In other news, the family and I are moving to Austin, TX at the end of the school year. For the summer, at least. Maybe longer.
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