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Since today is Memorial Day in the United States, I will pause to remember a moment from my past.

While my first marriage to TEO (The Evil One, for new readers) has largely faded into the deep recesses of my memory, from time to time I am reminded of it.

Luckily, most of the memories are humorous or bittersweet, like this, this and this. Recently, an episode of MythBusters reminded me of another.

In episode 31, Adam and Jamie test an urban myth that a vacuum cleaner can explode after ingesting combustible materials.

I watched with interest, because if it was true, I left a potentially explosive device behind in the possession of TEO.

While removing some items from the former marital abode, I opened the trunk of my car to discover that my gas can had leaked. I went back inside, grabbed some kitty litter to soak up the gasoline, vacuumed it, and returned the vacuum cleaner to the house.

No trace of gas smell was left in my trunk, so I can only guess the kitty litter did its job. I can only wonder if the explosive vapors did theirs…
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