Even Among Douchebags, He Stands Out as a Douchebag

Look, this Hurricane Katrina thing was a huge disaster, both natural and manmade. A lot of different people made a lot of different mistakes, and no one's hands are clean. But while others, including George Bush, have acknowledged they could've and should've done better, one man obstinately clings to his infallibility.

That man is Lord King of the Douchebags, Michael Brown. Yeah, that guy who resigned from FEMA. Which stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency. You know, emergencies like... HURRICANES!!!

According to him, he only made two mistakes. Are you ready to hear them?

Mistake #1 (according to King Douchebag): "Letting the press drive us." That's right, folks. The problem wasn't the death and destruction, it was letting the world KNOW about the death and destruction. This guy is unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE.

Mistake #2: He was unable to overcome a poor relationship between (Governor) Blanco and (Mayor) Nagin. "I just couldn't pull it off," he said.

Again, I'm not absolving the local and state authorities from all blame. But... but... I'm too disgusted to type.

Then, King Douchebag pulled a "Clinton" and lied under oath. Brown said local officials did not order a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans until Sunday, the day before Katrina struck. He said this was "the tipping point" for the loss of life and chaos that occurred when the levees broke. This, of course, is easily proved false. The evacuation order was issued and carried out two days before the storm, when 1.3 million people left the area.

Look, I've taken my fair share of pot shots at Bush and he's not my favorite guy. But today, King Douchebag has captured my attention. Good Lord, he's a douchebag.
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