Shut Up or I'll Crush Your Skull
I read this book with some book club or another years ago.

Here's what I remember: blah, blah, blah bunch of women married to one guy, blah blah blah, dad was a jerk and had some statues, blah blah blah some girl had sex and it caused a big ruckus.

Most importantly, I remember this: when a woman was bleeding and miserable once a month, she got to stay in a tent by herself and the other women had to take over her chores and bring her food. Everyone else had to stay the fuck away.

Now, the author seems to think this was some sort of patriarchal bullshit imposed upon the women. I say it's common sense.

Why the hell should I run around like nothing's different when I'm sore, weak and irritable?

So, I'm going to order pizza for the family and hide in my bedroom. At some point, I may take a bath and have a glass of wine. I no longer watch "That 70's Show," but I do remember this line: "Eric, don't touch that! That's your mother's emergency wine!"

I have more succinct advice: Don't touch mommy.

Addendum:Nausea aggravated by fresh paint smells and 1970's-era Avon perfume threatens to drive me over the edge. Old decorative bottles were unearthed and discovered by girlies 15 minutes ago. And they didn't smell that great 25 years ago when they were new. Overpowering and debilitating. Choking. Gasp.
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