With Profound Regret and Chagrin, I Announce: I Missed Hillbilly Tapas on Saturday
Yes, dear readers, I missed THE Social Event of the Season.

I have avoided mentioning it out of remorse. Words can't express the despair I felt when I looked out my window and saw snow... a blinding, swirling mass of white, which stood between me and my heart's desire. I will never recover from the disappointment; it will shadow me the rest of my days.

Others braved the weather to attend. I'm assuming they didn't live 30 miles away and didn't have to haul their children over to their crabby older sister's house for babysitting, being admonished by said crabby sister to "Not be too late!" I'm assuming they had fun eating fried things and drinking moonshine. I'm assuming they enjoyed listening to Lynrd Skynyrd's Christmas Album and holiday music performed by power tools. But not me. The weather, distance, and reluctant relatives conspired against me in my quest for fun and excitement.

There's always next year.
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