Bad Music Thursday: B.A.'s Choice
Beloved blogging vine which has produced so much fruit... this is for you.

B.A. once faithfully served as a bowling alley DJ. He was obligated to play every request he received from the customers. Surprisingly, he admits, "I have a high tolerence for music that annoys most people, like dogs barking Christmas carols and Tiffany and such."

Yet, there is one artist who makes him cringe. And of the cringe-inducing waste vomitted forth from the bowels of this artist, one song in particular sits atop the pinnacle of rotting filth:

It's Meatloaf. More than eight minutes worth, at that. Thankfully, its length allowed B.A. to smoke, eat, AND take a bathroom break, limiting his exposure to it. When you think about it, he may have a claim against his former employer for exposing him to harmful substances.
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