Don't Wear Wednesday: I'm Really Not in the Mood, but... Terry Rompers, I Guess
I don't want to talk about clothes.

Except for this catalog. I'll talk about that.

They sell things I didn't think anyone even made anymore. Like strapless one-piece terry rompers. I remember people in the 70's wearing them. I'm guessing maybe slutty old ladies who long for the old days might still wear them.

I remember the lady next door used to wear them. Joey and Mikey's mom. She was Italian and had big hair. Not long, but high. And she had hairy toes and long scary toenails.

Here's the thing: she had big cellulite-y thighs, too. In fact, when I see pictures of people from back then, they don't seem any thinner than people I see now. I keep hearing about how OBESE we all are; well, maybe there are more OBESE people than there used to be, but mommy bodies don't seem any more huge now than they used to be. I think I'm digressing. Am I digressing?

Anyway, Mrs. D. used to wear things like that. But Carol Wright offers so much more than terry tube tops with attached shorts. That catalog has 51 pages of clothing that time has forgotten, like snap-front cotton housedresses and big stripey things called "caftans."

They have menswear, too. In case anyone's interested. Like this vest. I don't really like this vest. I can picture Schneider from One Day at a Time wearing it. He has a classic look. I bet I will see many a gentleman sporting everything from his delightfully touseled hair to his overflowing key chain to his dusty cowboy boots at dozens of fairs this summer. Do they still make Wrangler's for men? Sedgefield jeans for the physical fit?

I grow nostalgic for the 70's every summer, since those were my formative years. By the 80's I was conscious of boys and my developing body and concerned with appearances. But in the 70's, I could wear halters and terry cloth running shorts stained with popsicle drippings and run around barefoot, unconcerned that half my hair was in ponytail holders and the rest was sticking out in frizzy rays from my head. We ran around the neighborhood like a pack of wild dogs.

I miss freedom.
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