This Week in Coupons: Blood Sugar Savings

While the P&G Brandsaver section offered the most provocative slogan, "We squeezed out all the sticky," for their Fruit Spritzers lipgloss, I'd like to talk about some new products that help me follow my doctor's orders.

Pillsbury introduced a new line of Reduced Sugar cakes and frostings. I get to make and eat cupcakes again, and save 35 cents to boot! That little guy loves me.

Next, Chromax™ is offering me a $3 savings opportunity to try their blood sugar regulating supplement. Although it hasn't been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nor did my doctor recommend taking this pill. So maybe I should call her before I take this thing.

Finally, Kraft Handi Snacks will deduct 40 cents from my sugar-free pudding purchase. I like pudding. However, one thing concerns me: I can "find them on my grocer's shelf." Shelf-stable pudding. I think I'll hold out for the Jell-O pudding coupons. Those are refrigerated; that makes me trust them more.

Wait a minute! Kraft owns BOTH of those pudding lines? They have a pudding monopoly! Our pudding supply could be compromised at any moment! Why doesn't somebody DO something?

Finally, this has nothing to do with coupons. It's a present for Dilf. Open it, Dilf! See what I gave you!

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