Thank You, Thoreau

"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth."

Some days I'm all feisty and funny, and some days I'm disheartened and sensitive. This is a disheartened and sensitive day for me, I think.

I was feeling down, until I came to a page of Henry David Thoreau quotes. Then I felt better.

We hear a lot about our "Founding Fathers" and the Enlightenment thinkers. I like to think of them as the skeleton of our country, so calling them the "framers" of our Constitution is apt. Then, I think a lot of our country's guts and soul were provided by the Transcendentalists, like Emerson and Thoreau.

I've forgotten how much I love and admire the Transcendentalists. When human behavior reaches an abyss, I can think of them and remember that humans are capable of greatness, too. Not just great achievements, but great thoughts.
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