Do Not Be Alarmed. I Repeat: Do Not Be Alarmed.

I have Hashimoto's disease. I've known about this for ... a year and a half? Two years? Don't worry; it sounds worse than it is. Well, except for the part where "[my] immune system inappropriately attacks [my] thyroid gland, causing damage to [my] thyroid cells and upsetting the balance of chemical reactions in [my] body."

But they make medicine for that. Just ask Double Post. Or my brother. Or my aunt. Or... yeah, it runs in my family. Only, standard practice is to wait until my thyroid is eaten away to the point function is impaired severely enough before I can get this medicine. My thyroid is still teetering along.

So, I'm suffering the effects. I'm just not suffering enough. (Don't feel too sorry for me -- I have a good excuse to avoid tofu now!)

However... after an especially shitty health week, I looked again -- and some doctors think they should actually help me before one of my most important endocrine glands is destroyed!

Things are looking up after all.
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