Does Anybody Besides Me Worry about Palin (Potentially) Casting Tie-Breaking Senate Votes?

I've heard plenty about Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency, as if that were the only danger she presents. What about her Senate presence? The last time I checked, the Legislative Branch is still one of the three in our federal government, and it's pretty important. While she may never be president, she will be the President of the Senate if McCain is elected.

Right now, our Senate is split down the middle, making the vice president's tie-breaking vote all the more crucial. Do we want someone who has no clue how the rest of the country operates?

Why do I say she has no clue? Because "Economists say managing Alaska's economy and budget is different than in other states."

Alaska hasn't faced job losses. Alaska hasn't faced budgeting concerns. They rake in federal money. And benefited from high prices at the gas pump. What the fuck does she know about what the rest of the country deals with, when her state operates like this?

She hasn't even seen "other parts of the country." Her own country! Not someone elses -- OURS. I'm sure she'll know how what's best for the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

Speaking of the entire country, is anyone besides me pissed off about this?

Anyway, if I hear one more person say how "tough" or "feisty" or "scrappy" she is, I'm going to go berserk(er). I want to see her in a gang-infested area of a major city. I'll even let her take her gun. But she'll have to take her big racist mouth in there with her, too.
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