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My (quasi) friend Nick, whom I used to torture until I found Randal, blogs approximately twice a year. Which is good, because that's probably how often he has an idea.

One of the times he deigns to descend into the fetid pit of blogging is Superbowl season. He always has squares available, and all you have to do is offer some random piece of crap you have lying around the house or useless skill you might pretend to have.

Please prayerfully consider participating in his Superbowl Squares. He has very little else in his life, as evidenced by the fact he comes over to my house to hug stuffed animals for fun and excitement:

It might be interesting to note (and frightening, for Randal) that Nick and I started as blog buddies. He lived far away in Wichita. Then I collected him, and now he lives RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM ME.

We have libraries here in Downers Grove. We even have a university. It's small, but I'm sure they could use a librarian...
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