Local Irritant Heads North to Annoy Wisconsin; Please Accept Our Apologies
A while back, my park district board aroused my wrath. Once aroused, they flamed it higher. Their decisions continue to haunt me.

Luckily, my fellow residents agreed, and voted out incumbents, including one guy who went on to Wisconsin to enrage people there.

I am hereby apologizing to Wisconsin on behalf of all Downers Grove residents. It was not our intention to inflict that guy on anybody else when we kicked him out; we just wanted him to stop bothering us. I am sorry he and his equally obnoxious family members are wreaking havoc up there. Please do not send your sausage-laden Wisconsin warriors down here to extract revenge; we meant you no harm.

Oh, and by the way: God didn't grant you "property rights." If He was in the business of granting property rights, you might check the Oneida tribe to have them sign over the title to you, because they were "granted" it first. And claiming "anti-Christian" bias? Wisconsin is overwhelmingly Christian.
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