What's Wrong? What's Right?
I like analyzing local politics better than national politics because there are no political parties -- no Republicans, no Democrats, just candidates or elected officials and their accomplishments and foibles.

Recently, my elected officials have demonstrated exactly what's wrong with our government at all levels. It's not conservatism, it's not liberalism, it's the attitude of people in office.

Let me explain. My mayor and board of trustees got in a pissing match over a political hire. The mayor had a temper tantrum and fired the volunteers that serve on the citizen advisory boards, with the exception of the ones headed by his one ally on the board. After their little squabble, the mayor tried to hire them all back -- having convinced the trustees how powerful he is.

But they didn't all come back. Three of them said, "We're tired of your bullshit. Screw you." Well, that's not exactly what they said. They said "they were not going to be pawns in a political chess match between Mayor Brian Krajewski and the Village Council." But you get the idea.

To me, this demonstrates what we need to fix in a nutshell. When people get elected, they somehow think they rule the public, rather than serve the public. We need to remind these people that we fought a revolution to rid ourselves of that form of government, and that they should be working to implement our will, not impose their will. Only one group of people can do that, and it's us. We need to take a more active role in our government and our country. While we weren't looking, it got stolen out from under us.

In happier news, the Chicago Tribune had a front page story on "church volunteers and hippies find(ing) common ground in Katrina's wake, collaborating to feed, clothe and comfort a storm-ravaged town" in Mississippi. Oddly, I couldn't find the story in the online edition, but whatever.

According to the story, a "scruffy assortment of dreadlocked, tatooed and pierced crew members" from the Rainbow family and a "neatly-groomed staff of Evangelical Christians in bright green T-shirts" have joined forces to help people.

"It's a marriage of cultures," said Fay Jones, 56, of the Evangelicals. "We have thoroughly enjoyed working with these Rainbow people. I think it's expanded our hearts."

"They have been our friends and allies throughout this entire thing," said Aaron Funk (ha!) of the Rainbow Family, in regards to the church volunteers. "There's no reason that anyone's personal opinion or politics entered into this. The needs are so huge that to try to wave your flag at these people would be extremely disrespectful.

"The main story here is cooperation," he added. "It's a beautiful thing."

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