People Worse Than the King of Cake
I find it very difficult to focus my wrath on the King of Cake when people like this populate the Earth.

"A San Ramon couple who police said left their 5- and 10-year-old sons home alone -- but got a dog-sitter for their puppies -- were arrested Tuesday after celebrating the New Year in Las Vegas for five days...

Calero and a tearful De La Vega, the children's stepmother, refused to talk to the detectives, who arrested them on two counts each of felony child endangerment, police said. The couple, who police said may have left the kids home alone before, remained jailed Wednesday night in lieu of $200,000 bail each. They refused media requests for interviews...The boys' mother, Maria Cristina Calero, died of breast cancer in 2003 at the age of 31...

Only later did authorities learn that the younger boy, Jason Calero, who is described by relatives as mildly autistic, was heard earlier Saturday screaming "Help me, help me" from the home while his brother was playing at a friend's house, Kalinowski said. A neighbor retrieved Jason and watched him until Joshua returned home an hour later, the sergeant said.

Police said Calero and De La Vega found someone to care for the puppies -- Popo the pug and Pumpkin the Maltese mix -- that they'd given to one another on Christmas.

"It makes me feel unloved, put it that way," Joshua told The Chronicle."

How evil are they?
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