Post 970: Worst Halloween Candy

Everyone has his or her favorite candy to receive on Halloween, and everyone has his or her detestable "treat" to receive.

Solid arguments could be made for hating those orange and black wrapped peanut butter kisses; they are difficult to unwrap, dangerous to eat, and the reward not worth the effort. But they look festive.

People also complain about the "healthy" treats -- the raisins, apples and toothbrushes. But I LIKE raisins and apples, and the toothbrushes are useful.

My entry, licorice snaps, are pure evil. I don't know if you can even buy them in earthly stores anymore. I think you need to order them from Satan himself. I believe, although I cannot prove, that they are candy-coated demon turds.

They, and Southern Comfort, are the only two substances on earth that the mere thought of them make my stomach churn in distress. Burn in hell, Snaps, BURN IN HELL!
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