(Updated)Wear Whatever You Damn Well Feel Like. I Don't Care Today.

Actually, that's not entirely true. Originally, I had intended to showcase some hilarious costumes in this post, but I found none.

I did find a Fart-O-Meter costume, a variety of sperm costumes, and a "Free Mammogram" booth costume, a condom and a condom dispenser. I found a giant vagina and a giant penis. I don't know how old the people are who would double over in laughter at the sight of these costumes, but I know they'd go over well at my nephew's junior high, at least until the principal sent them home.

I also found a plethora of "fat suit" costumes -- fat stripper, fat Hooter's girl, fat Hula dancer, fat mother-in-law, fat granny looking for her lost puppy. He he. Fat chicks are funny. And no one lets me wear my "No Fat Chicks" t-shirt anymore, so what's a guy to do?

There were far fewer "fat guy" costumes. Sumo wrestler, of course. Fat Elvis. Fat blue collar workers like plumber and tow truck guy and trailer park owner. Ha ha. Obesity. They have high cholesterol. That's hilarious.

I wasn't expecting high-brow humor from the costume merchants. I was just expecting low-brow humor that actually made me laugh.

He he. Doody. Doody doody doody doody doody. He he. Poop.
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