Does It Matter Which Way You Go?

Sometimes, Alice in Wonderland makes me think. Today, I was thinking and it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland.

Fundamentalists are all the rage these days, it seems. There is only one right way to do, think, feel, or look, if pop culture and pop thought were to be believed.

But I don't believe it. Even math has different paths to the truth.

Are we all that insecure that we can't countenance ideas, beliefs, or customs different from our own? Do we have to dig to find reasons why those who feel or believe differently from us are not only horribly mistaken, but downright evil? What about, "Okay, let's see how we can get all these pieces to fit together nicely?"

It's not easy to fight the human tendency to want to feel "right" and powerful, so when like-minded people get together and massage each others' egos and reinforce each others' stereotypes of the "others," it can be dangerous. Don't think you don't fall victim to it; we all do.

But while it feels good and can be good for us to surround ourselves with people who accept us because they share the same mind-set, how much better does it feel to have someone accept and love us despite differences? Are we nothing but slices in a marketing segment or political ideology pie chart, defined by our opinions and consumer choices?

I do believe in "right" and "wrong," but I don't think there's only one way to get there. Even if you feel someone is lost and confused and not heading in the right direction, is mocking them, shunning them or cutting them off the right way to help them? Maybe stumbling around and exploring dead ends is their way of traveling.

We're all just stumbling around trying to find our way. When you come across a fellow traveler, do you offer light, warmth and companionship? Or spite, suspicion, and derision?

By the way, while I love the Disney version, I love this one, too. I hope this doesn't spoil the magic for me.
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